Sophia West

My main objective is to communicate colour, form and my environment. I have my own controlled colour palette to suite each of my concepts. Naturally I am inspired by nature, landscape and patterns in nature such as pebbles lying on the shore or a sunsets rippling orange clouds. Through the medium of glass I can express my own visual interpretations. This is a true reflection of my personality; I paint and draw these ideas and now glass has became the next part of my creative process. My inspiration is taken from the mood of nature and I pour this intensity into my glass pieces. 

My technique starts in the hot glass studio. I focus on solid glass and make colourful combinations mostly through bright glass powders, layer after layer. Cold working and engraving patterns onto several surfaces allows the colours and textures within to shine through. You cannot help but look through them.

Cane work is a new passion of mine, it conveys my love of line formations and why a line wants to just wander off. I have begun to start being interested in making what feels right rather than something that looks right.

I have furthered my hot glass into kiln work and have been flattening them to create large panels which could be introduced onto a wall or in-bedded into a building. 

Curriculum Vitae


25th May 1983





BA (Hons) Glass, Edinburgh College of Art, 2012-2015

HNC and HND Art Glass Design, City of Glasgow College, 2010-2012

NC Applied Arts, City of Glasgow College, 2009-2010


Glass Experience

Hot Shop Assisting
Own work – Cane pulling, solid sculpting with colour, mould blowing with own made metal mould

Clare Wilson (2015) –Cane pulling
Bjorn Borseth (2014) – Colour work, mould blowing, punties
Karen Donollen (2012)– Colour work and trails, punties, stems, mould blowing
Ingrid Phillips (2014) – Colour work, punties

Cold Working
Own Work- Copper Wheel working, Diamond cutting, Cork and felt polishing, flatbedding

Ingrid Phillips (2014) The Referendum Poll Cylinders- Flatbedding, hand lapping, linishing and polishing

Kiln Working
Own Work- Writing kiln programs for fusing, slumping, drop moulds, pate de verre, casts, glass painting
Combing, Pot melt

Own Work- Confident in cutting and moving large sheets of glass as well as delicately cutting small and intricate shapes.
Stained glass painting and leading secure structures of large and small panels.

Mould Making

Own Work- Two part plaster moulds, lost wax, wax moulds, gel flex and silicon moulds.

Master Classes

Anne Petters, Hot glass frit making, Edinburgh College of Art, 2013

Karen Donollen, Pate de verre introduction, Edinburgh College of Art, 2013

Jeff Zimmer, Advanced Glass Painting and leading a panel, Edinburgh College of Art, 2013

Alison Kinnaird, Engraving on Copper Wheel, Dimaond Wheel and sand blasting, Edinburgh College of Art, 2014

Amanda Simmons, Gravity pulling and colour workshop, Edinburgh College of Art, 2014

Richard Wheater, Neon Workshop, Edinburgh College of Art, 2014

Andrea Walsh, hollow casting, Edinburgh College of Art , 2014

Concrete Sculpture Making, Edinburgh College of Art, 2014

Geoffrey Mann, two part Moulds, Edinburgh College of Art, 2014

Pending Exhibitions

2015- Glitch Series: ‘The Rebellious Line’ and 'Breaking The Rules'. Primal Lanscape Series, New Designers, London

Exhibition History

2015 -‘The Rebellious Line’ and ‘Primal Landscapes’ Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art

2014 –‘Branch of Conversation’Art and Design Exhibition, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College of Art

2012 - ‘Coast ‘and ‘Memories, End of Year Show, City of Glasgow College

Private Commissions

Abstract painting pet portraits(2010-2014)

Swedish influenced vase (2013)

Numerous jewellery designs based on the client’s needs and colour preferences (2011-2014)

Decorative fused glass panels (2013)

Fused Christmas decorations (2014)

Volunteer Experiences

Kelburn Garden Party, Decor Team, 2015